Leisure paradise

FS - FreizeitAn absolute must for every guest is a visit to the swimming pool in Cochem. The large leisure centre offers a great variety of facilities to delight the visitors in Cochem all over the year. The fantastic water landscape, a super sauna-facility, tennis courts, miniature golf and a well maintained camping site give you the chance to rest, to relax and to enjoy yourself. A pleasant atmosphere makes every visit a pleasure.

In 1999 the special pool for children - Kinderland (the children's playground) - was opened. A very unique equipment of which you can't find its equal.

The main attractions of the leisure-centre (Moselbad) are:

  • different pools for swimming and water fun
  • the pools are suitable for swimmers and no swimmers and even for babies and are kept at pleasant temperatures.
  • there are artificial wave pools, two giant waterslides and one wide slide for the whole family, big sprinklers, waterfalls and gargoyles and the large "Kids-River" as current channel
  • heated whirlpool
  • 25 massage jets
  • a pool with a counter-current system
  • one free solar tanning lawn and some coin-operated tanning booths
  • a combined indoor and outdoor pool
  • a sun terrace and large sunbathing lawns
  • diving boards of one, three, and five meters
  • a Bikini bar at the pool
  • first-class service and child care in the whole bathing area
  • a delightful relaxation oasis for parents with children
  • three saunas, a large open-air area with a small brook, and a sauna bar which invites for communication

Apart from this you can find in this area, beside the many water sports and water fun equipments, a resting-room for babies with four little beds and a swaddling room, too. Here the little ones can recreate from splashing.

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